Minutes Of Council Meetings

Saturday 12/04/08

Duchess Draenor
Vincent Versa as Representative of Falrid of Stromgarde
Lithian, as representative of The Borderlands

Duchess Draenor was named as the Archduke of Alliance Council of Dukes
Stromgarde Voted for Draenor
Borderlands Voted for Draenor
Draenor Voted for Kalmidor

Major Northwall of Horizon presents the Horde Ultimatum before the council, Marquis Edmundus spoke in his place as he had urgent business to attend elsewhere as well
No decisions was reached

Borderlands requested formal permission to gather forces.
Stromgarde and Draenor vote in favor.

House Firnbreeze Requested aid from the council members to defusing of magical crystals.
Borderlands offered it's help.

Stromgarde Suggested deposing of Duchess Kalimdor and placement of Caretaker, nominating himself.
Council refuses deposing yet, but agrees on placing a caretaker, that is not allready a Duke or a Duchess.
This task is entrusted on the Registry office's disgression

The matter of the name of the Duchy will be solved as soon as a caretaker is nominated. The proposal is to rename the duchy to Theramore to prevent further misunderstandings with kal'dorei allies.

Rest of the matters postponed to next week's session

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