Grand Ball

Greetings ladies and gentlemen *bows*
It's been a while when we had last Grand Ball, 5th…or 6th, cant quiet remeber that, but anyway! I would like to inform you about Grand Ball which will take place in Theramore Keep, 9th Friday, 20:00 [Server Time ofc]. This is a great opportunity to wear your best suits and dresses my friends, to have a great evenining with your friends, collegues and meet new people *smiles*.
A great chance to take your beloved to this offcial event, or find a date and just have a nice time together! As this event is official, there are should be no weapons, armors, pets, and other things, that will remind us about hard times and wars. This event, is a piecefull, as peace become so rare in our world.
Such a Great event sponsored by Emperor Sugutor from Holy Templars *cheer*. As Sugutor, my old friend, once again he nspired me to do this event, thanks to him for this. Also i would like to dedicate this Grand Ball to all of us, who protect freedom, who protect our brothers and sisters. I know that Horde cant attende this event, but i also dedicate our Ball, to all of them who believe that one day, Horde and Alliance can exist piecefully. *smiles* And ofcourse I cant forgot my beloved guild, Wayfarers Redemption, they helped me to survive.
So, prepare yourself and invite your friends! And if you want, you may find a date and arrive together on our Grand Ball!
Now we will not wait till the end of a Ball, Fireworks! Great Fireworks we will have at the begining, this show will be an openinig for our Ball. And after short speech, we all will have great dance and time *smile*

Ladies and Gentlemen, i will see you there. Everybody are welcomed, dont stay aside, dont make serious faces, just enjoy your life! Every single second of living is a blessing! *bows*

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