Boomstick's Guns N Ammo

Greetin's an' thank you fer stoppin' by. Here at Boomstick's you'll find the best prices on all our guns, scopes, an' ammo. The prices are as follows:


Rough Boomstick - 5s
Deadly Blunderbuss - 15s
Lovingly Crafted Boomstick - 25s
Silver Plated Shotgun - 35s
Moonsight Rifle - 50s
Mithril Blunderbuss - 1g50s
Mithril Heavy Bore Rifle - 3g
Thorium Rifle - 5g
Fel Iron Musket - 8g
Adamantite Rifle - 12g

Adamantite Scope - 1g
Deadly Scope - 50s
Accurate Scope -25s
Standard Scope -10s
Crude Scope - 5s

Crafted Light shot - 20c
Crafted Heavy Shot - 60c
Crafted Solid Shot - 5s
High Impact Mithril Slugs - 13s
Mithril Gyro Shot - 14s
Thorium Shells - 15s
Fel Iron Shells - 25s
Adamantite Shells - 40s

I do Mail Order!

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